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Rosas de papel crepe

Guest Feature: Crepe Paper Roses

Today we’re happy to present the first Folding Trees tutorial from a contributor! (If you would like to write for Folding Trees, see our Submissions page for details.)
Find out how to make SiSi’s beautiful crepe paper roses with our tutorial:
You will need:
  • Red crepe paper (at least 30″ long)
  • Green crepe paper (at least 12″ long)
  • Green wired stem
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Fold the red crepe paper in half horizontally to form a long thin strip. Start 3″ from the right end and fold the end of the paper downwards.
Roll the paper around that end about 3 times (you are forming the center of the rose).
With the long end of the crepe paper, gently fold it backwards and continue to roll. You are now working on shaping the rose petals.
A good tip is to hold the bottom part tightly so it does not become loose. Continue to repeat the above step (folding back and rolling) until you are close to the end of the paper.
When you get to the end, leave about 2.5″ unrolled. Wrap the extra crepe paper around the red stem (the little piece you folded down at the start).
Insert the green wired stem at the bottom of your rose.
Cut a piece from the green crepe paper, and cut out an X-shaped ‘leaf’ for the bottom of the rose. Poke a hole through the middle of the X with the end of the stem, slide the X up the stem and glue it to the bottom part of the rose. Do not use a lot of glue, just dab gently. This makes it look more realistic.
Cut the remainder of the green crepe paper in half to make it thinner. It should be at least 6″ long. Dab some glue on the end of one piece and begin to cover the red colored stem with the green. Gently twist it downwards to cover the stem. Leave 2 inches untwisted to make another leaf (optional).
Optional step: Gently apply glue to the remainder of the green crepe paper, and cut it into a leaf shape.

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